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Train The Trainer Workshop
26th & 27th Aug, 2016
WDM Campus,

Dear friends,

When it comes to sharing knowledge, the universe is made up of two kinds of people, those who hoard knowledge and those who share it. When you share your knowledge, you help yourself grow by filling the gaps in your knowledge and it also helps in uplifting yourself.

In today's knowledge based industry, knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge will positions you as an expert and helps you seamlessly move to the leadership role.

 We understand that you feel happy and proud about yourself that people ask you to share what you know. Hence we have planned a two day “Train the Trainer “workshop at WDM on 26th & 27th Aug, 2016.

Part of delivering learning instruction is being a good facilitator and there is no better way to learn how to improve your own technique than learning from facilitators in action. The aim of this workshop is to help our Managers/Supervisors to develop trainers' skills - in short, to enable learning. This workshop will introduce participants to basic adult learning and provide you with applicable tools for understanding the trainer’s role and for designing learning processes with effect.

We take this opportunity to wish all the participants a Happy Learning J


A new state-of the-art “Auto Bruiting Machine”


We are extremely happy to announce that we have embraced at our WDM, a new technology of bruiting process and employed this system in Excellent Fancy Department.

This EOS auto bruiting machine is from HRD Antwerp, the leading gemmological laboratory integrated with Sarine, Lexus, OGI and WTOCD.

Like every technology  this machine expedites the production by 3 times when compared to manual process.

Salient features of this technology:

  • Accuracy and safety is 100% assured.
  • Stones of any kind of shapes can be bruited
  • No human expertise that costs a great deal is required
  • The chances of stone getting damaged can be minimized.
  • Laser marking which causes a considerable amount of yield loss is not required
  • Stones of wide range of carats from 0.15 to 100 carats can be bruited
  • It is a noise free process.
Get-Together Fancy

Like last year, this year also WDM employees (Fancy Department) went for a picnic. This year they have chosen a beautiful place near S.Kota called Thatipudi – Thatipuidi Reservoir which was constructed across Gosthani River in Vizianagarm District.

Picnic started off Sunday morning November 24th at Thatipudi reservoir. The highlight of the day was inspiring and heart-felt activities by WDM employees and picnic coordinators: Sreenu, Eshwar and Anvesh from Fancy department.


Coordination for the picnic was done ahead to the event by organizers. Tents were put up at an open place to accommodate members under shade. Series of games were conducted to engage the staff and families till lunch time. The whole team was divided into smaller groups and headed towards an island through a 20 Mins. boat ride where lunch was planned. The best part of the whole picnic was this boat ride. Everyone experienced the unique Gosthani River from the Thatipudi to hillock. Not surprisingly kids had an exciting river journey through this picturesque scenery and been unforgettable for families. After sumptuous lunch most of them walked around the island enjoying the nature and water. Some of them tried their swimming skills in the reservoir and others got busy giving poses to amateur photographers.

Picnic was ended on a happy note in the evening where all members reached home safely. The whole team was grateful for WDM continued support and look forward to more such events in 2014.

Get-Together Unit-1

Picnic is a source of pleasure and enjoyment. The hours spent in a picnic are always exciting and thrilling. It makes us forget the monotony of everyday life. This winter Unit 1 & 2 enjoyed a picnic with their teams at Thantadi beach – a small and beautiful beach with twin hillocks where one can relax and smell the fresh air of the ocean.

As per schedule, staff left early in the morning on 01 December by a bus that had been booked. They loaded the tents, carpets, food, snacks etc. on the bus. Also carried necessary equipment that required for fun: music system, gifts and cameras for this purpose. There was no question of mismanagement from Monitors as organizers.

Varieties of activities were planned by coordinators to engage families and kids. Some of them sang songs, shook legs for music, blown balloons, participated in anthakshri and just-a-minute games which kept everyone active through the day. Little kids became busy making sand castles with their mothers. Most of them walked bare foot on the beach and enjoyed fresh sea breeze. Some of them paid attention to the waves crashing against rocks. Parents also helped their kids to swim in the cold ocean. The meals were served at a shady place with light music on the system to enjoy the tasty meal.

Everybody admitted that it was a delightful picnic and had the best day of their time.